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It’s not just luck!

Buster after water marks.

NAFC FC Fourleaf’s Ice Breaker, “Buster”

Red Cedar’s Maxamillion x Red Cedar River Queen

NAFC FC Fourleaf’s Ice Breaker, “BUSTER,” was an awesome little puppy I purchased from Pete Hayes out of his National Amateur Finalist, Max, and his personal hunting dog, Gypsy. After Buster's Derby career, Buster was sold back to Pete.  He became Qualified All-Age that Summer and won an Amateur All-Age the following Summer at three-years-old.  2007 brought 11 ½ Open points and his FIELD CHAMPION title and first Qualification for the National Open.  2008 brought  his AMATEUR FIELD CHAMPION title and a qualification for the 2009 National Amateur.  Buster continued his success in 2009 with 27 All-Age Points, 21 Open points (10 of them with an amateur handler), and 6 Amateur points.

He qualified for the 2009 National Open.

In June 2010, Buster won the 2010 National Amateur!  

He completed 9 series of the 2011 National Amateur.  Buster is a 7-time National qualifier. Buster retired with 48 Open points, which includes 7 wins, and 37 Amateur points, which includes 6 wins.

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2010 National Amateur Field Champion!

To-date, qualified for 7 U.S. Nationals

Date of Birth: June 23, 2001

Eyes Clear, Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal

EIC and CNM Clear

OFA LR-134833E24M-VPI - LR-EL45520M101-VPI

Throws Yellow

Buster’s sire, Max, was a 2005 National Finalist!

Buster, Pete, and Max.

Max in the 4th at the 2005 National.

Max and Pete in the 10th at the 2005 National.

Buster received his advanced training from

Wayne Curtis, Fox Hollow Retrievers.

Pete, Buster, and Wayne

Buster as a puppy.

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