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It’s not just luck!

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It’s R Time x Candlewoods Coulee of Clover, MH

Left: Lucky as a Pup; Middle: Sleeping on the couch; Right: Relaxing

Lucky was a puppy I produced out of my field trial dog, Chloe, and Bill Truax's dog, Regi (It's R Time), at the suggestion of Mary Howley, Candlewood Kennels.  

Regi was an exciting prospect at the time of the breeding.  He had his open win and needed two points for his Field Champion title.  He had recently moved to Mike Lardy's truck and had great potential.  Unfortunately, Regi suffered a serious injury (in a Field Trial I was judging,) and never made a comeback to the sport.  He is a beautiful, tall well-built, yellow male.  He has a littermate that has both FC and AFC titles.  

To read about Chloe, please click here.

Lucky was the only female in the litter of four.  She was a beautiful and very outgoing pup - never backing down from her three brothers.  At just under a year, a freak accident in her kennel caused double partial tears in her CCLs.  After three surgeries and a  year of rehab, she started training part time.  She had lots of go, was an excellent marker, and was proving to be a quick learner after more than a year off, but it was not meant to be.  Her repaired legs could not take the abuse of Field Trial training, and I could not bear to see her limping after returning with a bird.  The decision was made to retire her to our couch. She has been our house dog and constant companion since.  She is extremely intelligent and an outstanding mother -  unwilling to leave her pups for a minute.




Some pictures of Buster x Lucky pups:


Lucky’s Dam

Lucky’s Sire



Date of Birth: December 28, 2006

Eyes Clear

Hips Good - OFA LR-183262G31F-VPI

Elbows Normal - LR-EL44489F31-VPI

CERF Clear

EIC Clear

CNM Clear



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